GRC: Day 1


Bad crazy day.

Have met up with Mr. Terrific and Teresa. Going to dinner.

I'm only down $330 from the dealer room.

No idea if I'll be able to get anything for anyone. Sorry.

Here's what I snagged so far.

Current Haul

Yeah. I dropped the cash down on the Wonderfest Arcee.

But I got Heinlad!!!


I don't know I think they purposely shorted this year to create demand. The whole thing just seems really odd if you ask me.

Does it seem like there is more people there from last year?

Having picked up Heinlad last week i can safely say that he is without question one of the funkiest Transformers for a collector to own...

Everybody i know who's seen him is amazed that his alarm clock actually works and that he's got big metallic testicles which has also raised a smirk amongst a few of my female friends...

So yeah, Heinlad FTW!!!

If you are looking to sell your loose set(s) and no one else has already put forth their names, I will offer to buy them from you.

(Stuck in Norway till next years botcon)

I love my Heinlad, but he's a shtty fucking clock. Couldn't keep time worth a damn, even with fresh batteries he'd wind down after about two days.

Also, re: Minicons - oh well.

I had to look up Heinlad. hahaha why does he have a clock in his chest?

I'm reminded of Super Mario 3 when he was Tanuki Mario. :)

The guac from your last post is giving me fatherhood flashbacks!

Saw Heinlad over at B_r_u_t_e_'s site, funky ain't the word for it. Almost makes me want to pick one up myself.

Nala, if you come across an Energon Blackout, would you pick it up for me? If it's not too much trouble. I would be forever in your debt.

Also, is that a Galaxy Force fig right in the middle?

Sorry I had to bail early. Had to find the hotel and take care of a job thing.

PS This hotel sucks and does not have internet as advertised.

Nice haul so far mate ... who's the Danguard Ace-like guy in the upper right side of the pic? Looks like something from that old Marvel comic Shogun Warriors??

I think the middle figure is TF Galaxy Force FangWolf, the all black version - AKA TF Cybertron Deluxe Snarl. But I'm not 100% certain.

"Couldn't keep time worth a damn, even with fresh batteries he'd wind down after about two days."

Funny as it goes because i've read about a few people having similar problems but i got mine Tuesday just gone and i chucked in a Duracell and he's been fine since, absolutely spot on time wise...

Aye, mine's fine time-wise, but he can't wake me up worth a damn!


Huh, that's Stealth Bumblebee yes? How much did you get him for?

What's the Reideen exactly?

Holy S---!! Are you saying Stealth Bee cost you $28??? It was JUST RELEASED at retail!!! Holy scalper mark-up Batman!!!

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