Things are finally looking up.

Tara Strong has been announced as the next GRC guest!

Two new people.

Say it ain't so!!!

I'm actually looking forward to a voice actor panel again.

Now I just gotta find a life-size blow up doll of Toot Braunstein for her to sign.


It'll be my very first autograph ever at a con.

And I would so loves me some Foxxy action too!

That'd make me mega happy.


Oohh Tara Strong. I should find some Rikku item to get autographed.

Batgirl, Raven, Bubbles, AND Toot.

If they get Cree Summer, too, I might yet get excited.

Drawn Together is really uneven. Some weeks it's hilarious and others it's dumb as shit. OF course, this comes from someone who's a huge fan of Tom Goes to the Mayor.

Seriously, that is awfully brave of her to go. I hope they have a mandatory deodorizing station ahead of her autograph booth.

Nice that FP is bringing in some new blood. I might actually try to figure a way to see one of the Animated panels.

My kids would freak if they knew I could meet the voice of Ben 10. And that it's a girl.

I thought I heard that Furman was going to be there, too.

At this point, all I care about with respect to the GRC is what the exclusive Evil Rodimus will look like, and whether or not I want one.

Just saw the first pic of botcon Evil Rodimus on, he looks good.

Nala - A request, if you get the chance, could you please pick me up one?


In order to preserve Nala's sanity and keep him from getting generally irritated, I think we're better off not making requests and then fighting like hell for the stuff he does make available.

Same as last year.

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