Botcon: And then it was over.


I'm home.

And all I can say is I am major tired.

Botcon itself, as usual, was so-so meh.

Everything around Botcon however was utterly fantastic.

You don't go to Botcon for the toys.

You don't go to Botcon for the guests.

You go to Botcon for you are your geek friends being screamingly retarded on pitcher after pitcher after pitcher of Killians!

And... to top it off?

Mister Terrific won 1st place in the diorama contest last night!

More later after I decompress.


Hey Nala today BBTS put up a pre-order for that Ultra Magnus armor. Going to be a limited run of 2000 so if you were still interested. No idea if this fankit will be popular or not.

Hope you had fun at the con.

I may never recover from the jagermeister and beer float combination.

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