This is inevitable here.


eBay Australia to only permit payment via PayPal (Wikinews)

I'm not much for the Ebays of the world anymore but I do understand their necessity for toy addicts.

But for Ebay, even just Ebay Australia, to basically force payment via their fully owned subsidiary Paypal seems a bit of bad form.

Of course, corporations typically can't be trusted to do anything really trustworthy when it comes to profit generation anymore.


Aussies will have to 1) pay a fee to post an auction, 2) take a % hit when it sells, 3) take a hit when the Paypal transaction occurs, and then quite possibly 4) a % for volume traders.

Now I only bring Australian Ebay up because you know damn well 'Merican Ebay would gladly force all their users to use Paypal just like this if they could.

And quite frankly, I imagine something like this will happen in the future regardless of US anti-trust laws and such.

I'm wondering how many years Ebay has left in it.

The need for greed/profit will always trump everything else in business, especially those businesses that managed to start out relatively benign on the internets and succeed.


I think you are right. It might be only a matter of time for the rest of us.

The new CEO of eBay is on record of saying he doesn't like the "garage sale" feel of eBay. Then proceeds to raises fees. In that mindset, how could HQ not think this was a good idea.

(Bangs head on desk in despair...)

It's a triple-edged sword; eBay can roll PayPal out across the board as a means of combating fraud, all whilst enjoying the increased fee usage; and any attempt to introduce a third-party payment system is and will be met harshly.

Throw in the need - most prominent in US businesses - to continue to grow each and every year, despite market saturation - and you have a gloomy forecast for the consumer.

On the bright side, I've had to deal with three sellers in the past two months that only accepted money orders. Completely legitimate, but the simple act of interacting with them, sending the payment, etc. - absolute nightmare. Matters were enjoyably compounded by a post office employee that intercepted and attempted to keep two of the orders. So in that respect, I for one welcome our new eBay / PayPal overlords. ^_^

I thought you might like to see this:,25642,23550638-5014108,00.html

Looks like the Ebay/Paypal Monopoly ain't gonna go ahead after all

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