Hey dzieci!

How's it hanging?


Not much going on here.

I paint.

Paint lots.

And/or bitch about painting.

Hung blinds today. Bought cheap ones to save money to put towards decent shelves.

What was that?

There's something retarded afoot?

You don't say.


Shockingly,that thingĀ“s real.

It's not that shocking if you've seen large parts of G2. I have almost no desire for the toys of that era. Especially after seeing the Aerialbots in person.

Hey, the cab is colored like Barney!

why shell out all that money when you can get one in nice proper colors from G1 for fairly cheap? How is it a prototype if the toy was already made years before? Just prototype colors?

Carl, Blades and Motormaster were never formally released in their awful G2 colours. Hence the prototype label.

Ohh okay. I don't know much about the G2 stuff. Those were pretty awful colors though. I'm not sure its worth the price tag even if they are prototypes.

Oh my god! Almost 3 days left and that thing's up to $5,100! This is true insanity


G2 got interesting in the last year. I actually love the Gobots.

For some reason, I hated the G2 colours at the time but I love them now. Weird.

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