Less than 90 minutes.


In less than 90 minutes the final season of the best drama series this side of my beloved Snots Landing begins.

Battlestar Galactica is back.

And hopefully, it'll go out in a blaze of television glory!

New BG! New Doctor! New Sarah Jane! And even new Hells's Kitchen too!

Here I am barely watching more than an hour or two of television a week and now all of my favorite shit is all back on!!!


Thank you for posting this blurb. I totally forgot BG was on. And I'm one of those old-fashioned people who uses this thing called a VCR and a magnetic analog recording tape. No DVR for me. I would have totally missed the show tonight. Must go put in tape now....

Frak me. It started at 9:00? And here I thought it might be on at 10:00 like it was last year.

Oh well.... There goes week one.

Anyone know when the re-run airs?

Ok. I was all mixed up. The new episode *is* starting at 10:00. The re-run from last season was on at 9:00. See, this is why I need that DVR thing. Or maybe a lobotomy.

I am posting so that EB isn't having a conversation with himself.

And I'll post so that EB's conversation isn't just w/ Frowny, which could be traumatic.

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