Countdown to The GRC: 2 days


Ugh! My last day of work before what I guess you could say amounts to my only vacation this year.

It is kind of sad when Botcon becomes your vacation, as it has the past 2 or so years now.

I miss my once or twice yearly jaunts to San Francisco that used to happen quite a lot prior to 2004.

Hmmm... San Francisco or Cincinnati, OH? San Francisco or Providence, RI? San Francisco or Lexington, KY? San Francisco or Podunk Suburb Of Dallas, TX?

Yeah. Nothing quite compares to my favoritest city in 'Murica.

I've sent out emails to everyone that I knew was going to be there. Hopefully ya got 'em.

Note: I am not the keeper of the phone. I don't own one nor do I plan to in any capacity for a long time. That's Giga's number!

In other news, I'm actually super excited about something now that is Con-related.

I can't wait to get my hands on my super rare Botcon 2008 exclusive Tetrajet and exclusive poem "I Only Feel Alive at Botcon (and that is why I want to die)" figure and ancillary item. (Perhaps he'll do a personal reading too!)

Man... talk about quite possibly the single best custom tshirt caption that sickly captures my general feelings of toy collecting and GRC conventioneering.

Leave it to Esteban Loco to sum it up perfectly for me.


What's really sad is what a bad turn I've taken from Botcon 2006, and even Botcon 2007 due to the events of the last 6-8 months.

Injuring my back really but me into a downward spiral overall health-wise, not to mention mentally.

I looked back at Botcon 2006 pictures and I've put on over 50lbs since then.

Not good.

Not good at all.

I've got to get back to my gym routine and get my back solid and strong or else I'm going to be even more miserable in my 40s.


And since I gave all my fat clothes to Goodwill in 2005 I really don't have anything that fits right any more.

I am definitely the poster child for how 6 months of no exercise and bad diet can undo years of hard work.

Still... even 50 lbs heavier... I'm a lot lighter than some of those Botcon geeks.

And I smell better too!

Come and and smell me. I dare you.


I think "I Only Feel Alive..." is actually pretty funny and one of the better ones I've done. I would love to read that one in public for you in an Andy Kaufman voice. (Although doing that at Botocn is bound to get me my ass kicked.)

Evil King: If you did read any of your robocentric-poems at a BotCon, video would be a must.

Must find and charge camera batteries.

well, for me i haven't had a vacation that didn't involve a craft show in 3 years now. this is my first vacation, and i am only going to be there for 3 days, since i have a craft show to do when i come back....

Man those Tetrajets are cool. I wish I was going to Botcon. I'm going to the TF Con in Toronto in June though. That should be fun.

Last year, Botcon was it and it took an awful lot to get to go.

This year, I get Botcon and a proper vacation out of the country. Whee!

San Francisco or some podunk town? Those are the only choices you offer?

None of the above.

How about coming out for San Diego's Comic-con in July?

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