Botcon 2008: The Complete Haul of Crap


This is what you end up buying when the things on your needs list aren't able to be easily met.

However, the Jacksons weren't exactly staying put in the wallet.

Botcon 2008: The complete haul!

The crap includes:

An Awesome Raydeen PVC
Transformers Visualworks book
E-Hobby Ghost Starscream
2008 Winterfest Arcee Exclusive
The Botcon 2008 Boxed Set
The Botcon 2008 add-on souvenier figures
Silver Alloy Convoy PVC
Exclusive Crazy Steve Botcon 2008 WTF?!? Tetrajet Skywarp
Galaxy Force Dark Fang Wolf exclusive
Beast Wars Neo Heinlad
E-Hobby Translucent Hot Rod
TF Movie Bumblebee (Stealth Version)
E-Hobby Twincast and Flip-Sides
Takara Exclusive Fusion Cluster Protoform Convoy
Takara Exclusive Fusion Cluster Protoform Starscream
Brave Maximus Weapons kit
Sewing Stars Exclusive Buttons


Now some of the new hotness includes...

Botcon 2008: e-Hobby Ghost Starscream

I really could careless about the fugly G1 Starscream mold and the various repaints and reissues of it.

But... I just loves me the the translucent plastic of this one!


Botcon 2008: Convoy and Megatron Bearbricks!

I had to have the Transformers Movie Bearbricks when I found them. Nobody had the Bumblebee and Barricades ones or else I'd have snagged them too.


Botcon 2008: Goodies

I got great deals on the Galaxy Force Dark Fang Wolf figure. And Heinlad has been wanted for a long time.

The Hot Rod is for fun.

And the Takara Fusion Cluster Protoform Convoy was needed. Unfortunately, I could only get him if I also bought another Starscream. So... I did.


But the two things that I think I cherish most in my Botcon haul are two of the most phenomenal items I can add to my collection of plastic lameness.

Botcon 2008: The best toy of the weekend!

My Crazy Steve Figure Tetrajet Skywarp really is the star of my haul.

So many people wanted to know where I got it and wanted to touch it.

It is a thing of true beauty made even more fantastic by knowing that the person who made it happens to be my favorite TF blogger.

Botcon 2008: The Greatest Collection of Fandom Poems Ever!

The King of All Toy Robots Poem Collections is also fantastic. There were a lot of people in and out of our room all weekend long and everyone who read it loved it... and many of them were not there for the TFs at all!


Looks like Christmas in April. While I think that clear Starscream is superbadass and cool, I gotta agree that the Evil King Macrocranios tetra-jet is, without a doubt, the coolest.

Was today the first time that you didn't have to post your GRC's acquisitions through the mail? I bet that saved a fair bit on shipping (But I'm sure you blew that saving elsewhere :)

congrats on the e-hobby and Takara movie protoforms. Wonderfest Arcee and bearbricks ftw

Cool! He even made a package for his tetrajets! Thats awesome!

Nice haul. The tetrajet does look impressive, and I've drooled over the transparent G1 Hot Rod several times on eBay.

Great haul, those Tetrajets are even more impressive in person, much more impressive than the Botcon itinerary.

I see you finally got the Silver Alloy PVC. May I ask how much you got him for?

Watching the dealers with the animated toys was doneright comical. I saw one dealer who wouldn't sell a kid a Starscream for $38 Saturday afternoon, insisting on getting the full $40 on the price tag. Then Sunday morning with the wave 2 Ratchet, I saw an exchange that the scalper wouldn't take $24 for a $10 deluxe he bought less than 15 hours before. I bought the Animated toys on Sat. night at the Walmart 4 miles south of the con.

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