It has been so very very long since I've had crack on display I'm all excited and... dare I say it... almost giddy... that I've got display shelves!!!

Shelf test.

I've had to just start grabbing recent shit to throw up to see how it'll all work.

It won't be exactly what I want.

But it'll do.


That looks really sharp.

purdy! all the boxes look nice against that wall color too. i know you said the wall color wasn't quite what you wanted, but i think it really does look nice!

I was gonna say basically what Teresa said. It does look really good.

Nice display mate!

Nala! Good to see you back posting about Transformers stuff (though I do find the posts about you getting your place together interesting as well). Now that you're back writing some TF related blogs I have a question I've been dying to ask you: What do you think of the actual leaked pics of the Universe figures OOP compared to the prototype pics Hasbro sent out a while ago? As a major fan of Prowl I have to say I'm really disappointed. That was pretty much the topic of my latest post on my site and I'm really curious as to what your thoughts are on Hasbro potentially shafting the fans looking forward to the Universe line.

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