GRC: Day 0 Recap


Have I mentioned lines before?

GRC 08: Lines

Yeah. There are lines.

GRC 08: Mre lines

And more lines.

GRC 08: Earth-3 Convoy

Now it wasn't as bad as last year.

However, FP never ever seems to learn a lesson and change the way they do things. The fact that they are all paper-based and not electronic completely makes this laughable.

So much could be solved with a little investment. Oh well.

Thankfully I brought plenty of cash. The cash line at least seemed to move. The add-ons were over $200 with tax. Ugh!


So far, my only horribly doy moment was realizing that I gave out the wrong area code when I gave out Giga's cell! It is 614 folks! I'm so sorry!


Let's see... I finally ran into Zeta Convoy late last night with the his gf. Mike too. MrDeuce and the others were driving in from Louisville and got in much later.

It is really good to see those guys. I really only see them once a year but it is worth it.

I also ran into Crazy Steve and chatted briefly. He's still working on those Tetrajets!!!


Hot Rod is the only toy I really like.

And from what I hear, I seriously doubt that I'll be able to get another set.


Is this green 2-day old baby poo or guacamole? You make the call.

GRC 08: Worst quacamole ever!

Worst Mexican food ever!



I would bug you about buying 'con toys off of you, but I don't think i care that much, except maybe for the Mini-Cons, and I'm not paying more than $8-$10 a pop for those. (there's more than the one Mini-Con, right?)

Ah, lines. You remind me of a good reason that I don't go anymore.

Ah, there are three mini-cons. Yeah, if you're willing to break up sets, I'd probably give you some nominal amount for those guys, just 'cause I loves me some mini-cons.

(funny how now that I can actually get that Drench figure, I don't want it anymore. I imagine the Seacons will be the same way and the price tag will be the biggest reason. Unemployment is a motherfucker.)

I read somewhere that the Sideswipe/Blurr/Divebomb & Megs/Hot Rod/Rampage sets were limited to 1100 each.

& guess who was the first person to put their figs up on DemonBay (at 2:22AM precisely)? =

Well, having seen the first 20 minutes, at least BSG will be good when you get a chance to watch.

Try to have fun.

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