Attention All Gay Robot Convention Conventioneers!


Yeah. That means you.

If you want to at least hook up and briefly meet at the con email me your cell # and I'll return ours.


I kinda of wish I'd made up those Gay Robot Convention Conventioneer tshirts now.


i want a t-shirt damn it! :P

Wish I lived a bit closer, or else I'd be going along too...

I second the T-shirt thing. It's not too late!

I also want a t-shirt. :)

No cellular for this Canuckuhead, unfortunately. But I'll do what I can to hunt you down. Did you have thoughts on a time for a gathering?

Ditto what Pulse said ...

Sent to gmail. I have like 4 addresses for you so I'm not sure which is "legit".

I'll be in town on Friday afternoon but I can't get into the actual con until Saturday morning. I'm thinking of going to the zoo for some photographing fun unless I get a better offer.

i am down for dinner! :D

Dinner works here too. May I suggest a rendezvous at 6:00 p.m. (Friday) at the main hotel lobby and then we hit a restaurant from there - that's lets us maximize the preview, private-sale time and come back in time for the 8:30 p.m. film fest.

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