Battlestar Galactica: Six Of One

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Damn! Mighty fine! Mighty fine indeed!


The Good

Cylons! Cylons! Cylons!

Man. The whole subplot about the Number One's lobotomizing the Raiders was fantastic. I was totally blown away at the Number Sixes response to it too.

By removing the inhibitors of the Centurions, we finally get what has to amount to the "shot heard around the basestar" of a Cylon Civil War!

And I LOVE IT!!!!


The real Admiral Adama stepped up to the plate this episode. The tension between he and Kara was great and the payoff at the end was exactly what Adama would do. That's what I love about the writing and script editing here. You can be lead in one direction but the writers really know the the depths and hearts of each character and you know that each character will do what is in their nature. Adama did just that!


The whole Rosalyn - Kara showdown in the beginning was a beautiful way to cap off the cliffhanger from last week.

And... to turn it completely back to story threads from Season 1's finale.

And it rang totally true to character, just as I stated above!

That's the beauty of BSG!

The Bad

As long as BG avoids the Kara-Lee romance crap I'm pretty much assured there will never be any bad for me here.

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Yeah, I thought the episode was sort of lagging until the Centurion thing. Then I realized that I'm just nervous that with less than 20 episodes left they'll start spinning their wheels like they were halfway through season 2.5. So overall I was definitely less than disappointed.

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