Botcon 2008: We are building a religion, we are building it bigger.


Dare I say it... I feel a renewed sense of lame geek vigor now that I'm back from the GRC.


Thanks to WaterMelonEatingBoy for making a surprise visit on Sunday!

It was great to meet fellow bloggers Mr. Terrific, Teresa, and Ramen Junkie. And it is always a pleasure to see The Evil King of Macrocrania.

I got the chance to hang out and drink with the crew from About Heroes. Here's to Dan, Spider-Ben, and EvilOmar! I hope Omar can feel his balls once again.

W and A, while only coming down Saturday, seemed to have a good time too.

Props to Spectroscott and NeoSpark. And I could never forget WoozyGuy's fantastic Casino Night dancing.

JKNotRowling, a total non-TF person, had a very good time losing his virginity. I think that even Brandy had a good time at her GRC deflowing this year!

And Botcon for me would never be the same without Tom, Mike, Greg, and Kristin. If it wasn't for them I doubt I'd ever have gone to another con past 2005.

And of course, thanks to Giga, who now has the personal pleasure of witnessing me constantly saying "Tell me again why I spent $420 on 4 transparent toys that I already own in some other form or color?!?!?!"

And thank you to all those wonderful toy dealers who bought up all the Animated figures at stores around Cincinnati and then marked them up 200-300% then sold them to little walk-in kids who really wanted them. Yes. There is indeed a special place in Hell reserved for you. And I'll open the door when ya get there!


Yeah, the whole weekend was great. Did they announce where it will be next year or anything? I thought they always did that on the last day.

Oh wait, that would require they put effort and organization into it. I imagine next year they will just put out a notice


*Special guests to be announced at a later date."

I have to say that that's pretty much why I don't go to cons. The only real reason for me was for the toys (I'm speaking about cons in general, Star Trek, Comic, etc.) and when I get there and find toys that are still widely available on Wal-Targ's R Us-Bee's shelves, all marked way up, it makes me sick to my stomach.

When I was a night receiving manager for Wal-Mart many moons ago, I made it a point to always throw out toy scalpers when they'd come in at three AM to try and rifle through our pallets.

Abuse of power? You betcha. Can't stand people like that.

See, there's a side of me that says i would like to go to Botcon just to meet up with people, have some food and drinks, get me some more toys and generally have a good time as a once in a lifetime experience...

But there's a side of me that's hesitant to throw down that amount of money (flying from the UK, accommodation, botcon ticket and all the associated toys plus money to buy even more toys from the dealers) and screams at me to never be that stupid in my life, even if it is only once...

My faves were the skid-fulls of those new Target cylinder packs, marked up to 3x retail.

How exactly do you return a skid-full of toys to Target without red-flagging, anyway?

Bruticus, see it this way. For some people, there's winning a marathon, or becoming vice president or whathaveyou. For people like us, there's finding some mega-rare toy we've been looking for for YEARS, sitting on dealer booth table and then it's haggling time. And then, against all odds, the number the guy is asking, and the number in our pocket lines up...and all is right in the Universe. :D

That's pretty much why you go to 'cons.

I hope many of those scalpers get stuck with toy exclusives they can't sell ...

I always thought the toys would be semi-decently priced in the convention dealer rooms, because of the intense local competition (e.g., many other dealers in the same room). Guess not. Shame about the little kids getting majorly ripped off.

But I am excited by all the upcoming TF news from Botcon ... it is going to be an expensive year collecting TFs for me.

I know exactly what you mean. I too, would love to attend BotCon just once, to participate in the TF fan experience ... but in the end, the costs make the practical side of me think: don't be stupid, they're just F------ toys.

It was great meeting you two. You are both great guys. Intelligent and geeky. :) I just wish that I liked beer.

Wait, maybe that would not be a good idea. ;)

Neospark - the beer is a blurr but the spins can last for days if done right.

I was at a table with puppylove on the Sunday. She had mentioned a broken Hot Rod which I had presumed to be a G1. This guy had a used, no parts original G1 Targetmaster for $25. He proceeded to go into much too much detail explaining how it was the RARE TM version (like we wouldn't know that) and how the re-issues had killed the value of the toys.

Heh. Hell on Earth.

Quote "Dare I say it... I feel a renewed sense of lame geek vigor now that I'm back from the GRC."

NO!!!!! I guess this means you've given up the fight to the Dark Side. All sense of normality has been thrown out the window. I guess those TFs aren't going anywhere - I can smell 3000 pieces of plasticcrack just around the corner :D

I wonder who has the most TFs - I've heard of this one guy who has doubles of every TF ever made (one sealed & one loose) taking his collection to around about the 4600 mark.

I think we know that guy.

Sigma, see, the toys would be like 20% of the reason why i would go to Botcon. The main reason would be the social aspect...

DL, spot on, i collect them and they take up most of my flat surfaces but at the end of the day (and judging from certain TF message boards, people forget this and take this hobby WAY too seriously) they're just f*cking toys....

i had a great time! it was awesome to meet you & giga too! i am glad you sound like you actually enjoyed yourself too...despite there being no peter cullen. ;) i have to say people like you all i met made me feel better knowing there are people who can have conversations about things outside the realm of tfs.

RJ, Neo, Teresa, Mr. Terrific: from a non-TF-geek, let me say how great it was to hang with folks who don't live and die by Transformers. I know I speak for JKNotRowling in that, as well. Thanks to Dan, EvilOmar, and SpiderBen for taking some of us on a toy run, too!

Watching the interaction between all the modelers and diorama folks was cool, listening to CrazySteve, Spectro, and MrTerrific all conversing about their methods.

Nala: if I type his name, even in jest, I'm gonna get slammed...

Also, we should've recorded the conversation last night with WH. That, edited for content, might've been fun. We didn't have much time with WH and Mrs. Bumblebee, though.

Teresa/Puppylove and I had an excellent dinner with WH and Mrs. Bumblebee. Man, all I can say is that he has mad skills when it comes to customizing. Incredible.

For what it's worth, I would say with 99% certainty that the Hartmans *used* to have the biggest collection, until they sold the whole thing off at BC 06 or so. (I bought a South American yellow Windcharger from them.)

Right now, the biggest one *I* know of is that "DJ Soundwave" guy, who is kind of a pud, by all accounts.

Pic related.

I could never understand why the toys in that were still available were marked up so high at cons. When I was younger I'd go to cons to find deals on that stuff. Thats no longer the case.

My brother has this way of pissing off guys with tables full of overpriced goods. Its pretty funny. When the Spawn toys were new and (I guess) cool we saw a guy with a table full of them. All of them about 3X the retail price. We were standing there looking at them and there was a guy who was clearly interested in Malbogia(sp). My brother literally bought it that day at Walmart down the street for like $12 and this guy was charging over $50. So my brother turns to the guy and says, I just got that down the street at Walmart, they have 3 left. I paid 12 bucks. The guy thanks us and leaves to go get one. The guy at the table told us to F off and not come around his table again.

Hooper, you're right, what a pud. Look at that guy. "Check out my roomful of plastic shit that makes me cooler than you with my arms all folded, yeah booooooyy!" I have to admit that I'm glad to see Nala going to such great lengths to build a shrine to his collection, instead of just sticking it on a bunch of shelves like that guy. I mean, I realize that at some point, a collection is too big to really display properly, but I don't really understand those who spend vast sums of kaching on these toys only to just stand 'em all on a shelf without any attempt at...I dunno, maybe bunching them all together or using a common theme. My pet peeve, I s'pose.

That Carl Guy, your name should be "That Carl Guy Whose Brother Is a Hero". Scalpers suck the big one.

Wasn't that DJ Soundwave guy in Austin Powers? You know, played Fat Bastard?


He also has a Star Wars and GI Joe collection that would make even the toughest fanboy weep. He said on a ‘Joe site he had over 8,000 Joe’s alone. Talk about excess…

Pics like that DJ Soundwave guy make me feel so much better about the amount of useless crap that I've collected. It's amazing the obsessiveness of collecting something that doesn't make you taller, smarter, wealthier (by a damn sight) and won't get you laid.

So now, every time I look at all the crap I've amassed, at least I have the peace of mind knowing that I don't have a photo floating around where I'm posed in front of it.

Revision to above comment regarding that guy's pic---

I'd pose for humor, perhaps.

I guess when you have that much shit of one common theme, you'd have to be a little mental.

I barely have a sixteenth of that guys stuff and I KNOW I'm sick.

Amendment to my last comment (and I swear I'll shut up, really):

It isn't even so much that he's posing in front of his morbidly obese collection of plastic toy robots--it's THE WAY he's posing.

Wheww...that's what I really meant to say.

Wow, that is a lot of TFs ... whoa. And he has the same amount of Star Wars & GI Joe toys?? WTH does he get the cash to buy everything?

And I agree with agentmorris:

"Pics like that DJ Soundwave guy make me feel so much better about the amount of useless crap that I've collected."

Ditto that comment.

I look at that guy and I think to myself "Damn, I wish I had that much disposable income." Then I remember why I don't, and that I've got a wife and daughter, and suddenly I think I begin to understand...

Exactly... I have about 100 TFs and several tonnes of Lego. And a lovely, beautiful 16 month old daughter...

I know what I'd rather have.


You guys seem to be right on with that "DJ Soundwave" dude. He doesn't seem to enjoy his sh*t. If you can't have fun with your hobby, then quit. Unless it's an obsession, then I guess it makes sense. I've only got a couple hundred TF's, and several containers of other toy lines and my son has free reign with them (barring a handful of "daddy's favorites"). DL was right, they are just f*cking toys. Expensive, hard-to-find toys sometimes, but toys nonetheless. Can someone get that on a t-shirt for the next con? "They're just f*cking toys". I'd but two!

I believe that "DJ Soundwave"'s real name is Eric? & here's his Myspace page

& his vids

But I like this vid the most due to all the heavy breathing :D

Someone tried to tell me off one time when I mentioned that the fat fucking loser should focus a little more on his health & a little less on his shockingly bad plasticcrack addiction. I put that turd in his place :D

We may bag on the guy, but you have to admit, his collection is astonishing. His GI Joe collection is staggering. He's posted some vids, one of which really takes me back to the old days:

I mean, come on now. I remember having ALL these guys at one time or another. I'm currently buying all the new Joes that are coming out, and they're vastly better than the old ones.

Nala, you ever a Joes fan?

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