Botcon 2008: That's kind of cool... I guess.


So I noticed that the Allspark message board has a post announcing that the Botcon custom class figure turned out to be the retooled Transformers Collectors Club Nightbeat figure.

I guess that's kind of cool.


There's a part of me... the part that pays that extra $40 a year to belong to that mostly useless club... which is kind of angry.

I mean... don't you think you should actually produce the figure for purchase by club members before using it for something like this?

I mean.... yeah... that's great and all for the people that paid to be in the class but I don't know...

When it really comes down to it I just don't give a shit.

I think that part of me that wants to save that $40 a year pretty much knows I will now.


So what, they are making this figure in the class? That's a bit different really.

Anyway, I kind of want one of these but I'm not a club member.

PS, Any idea if you might be able to pick up an extra Black Rodimus for me? I've not found clear info though on if it's part of the boxed set or one of those "buy it when you get there figures". Also I wish they'd announce the price.

Hi there!

If you want, we can beat our chests together when we walk up to Brian! :) Seriously, I feel your frustrations, though. Hope to see you at the convention!


Damn, that club's $40 a month? I considered joining before but not after reading that.

Okay, $40 a year's not too bad. For a minute there when I read the typo I was thinking, "Wow, one must really love and truly be dedicated to the plastic robots for $40 a month."

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