I just gotta get off my chest that I think you're divine.


Wow! It is like 22 days until the ゲイロボット大会.

In addition to the usual suspects, I know Ramen Junkie, Mister Terrific, Crazy Steve, and now Teresa will be there from around these parts of the internets.

While there's no major excitement for the con itself in me yet, I'm pretty certain I'll be finding time to make sweet sweet robot love to Earth-3 Hot Rod.


Yeah. Outta all the Botcon stuff he's definitely my favorite so far!

I mean... he's got the whole black deco thing going on but theres a little bit of heaven there in with the contast of that purple flame application.

He's love!

Love I tell you!

You can't deny it!


He's sweet isn't he?

Like I've said in the past the only one guy I really want from this set badly. If you can snag a second Nala I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Only other figure I've seen as a must have for me is the evil Prime, probably because it's so different from anything we've seen for a while.

I kinda have a feeling alot of this stuff will be floating around eBay and this "sold out" is alot of hype and folks buying hoping to resell.

Probably will make some money for those that post at the con and people overpay, but as it gets over the prices will kinda settle lower like they did last year.

I still need to keep my eyes out for a Clear Mirage. I know you didn't like him but he's the only one I didn't get from last year and I really love the mold. Been watching eBay but only looking to pay $50-60 on him. Wonder if any dealers at the show will have him

oh man, i sooo want him. but i am going as a minicon, so my opportunity if there even is one is at 8:30 am saturday... wish me luck! :D

i guess i will see you there! although, i have no idea what anyone really looks like. how do you all find each other? maybe i need to make myself a "hello my blog name is" tag...

@Teresa, Hell I figure I'll just hand out my cell phone number before hand to anyone I want to meet up with. I've got this spiffy Google Grand Central number that'll ring any of my other phone lines and has fantastic call screening in case someone decides they want to harass me with phone calls all day.

PS, Looks like my other comment didn't go through unless it's moderated. I left one via my new cell phone.

Black Hot Rod is the shit. I like that. Evil Prime looks pretty cool too.

Completely off topic but I've heard that a Walmart about 45 minutes from my place has some TF Animated stuff. Though only rumors at this point (can't believe all you read on the net after all) and probably by the time I get there Monday, they'll be all gone.

Ohio area sightings are confirmed.
Apparently this has to do with some sort of homosexual automaton convention...

Drool ... drool ...

Meh. The only 'evil' repaint that's ever done anything for me was Scourge, and that was because the original paint job of the mold sucked. I guess my TF based cynicism is getting worse. Wait, I'm lying. I also like the Devastator repaints of Sixbuilder and Build King.

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