Is this worth $110?


Encore Series Omega Supreme


Is the Encore Omega Supreme worth it?

My internal monologue still doesn't know.

The new face is nice but not worth it.

Having a "new" toy with fully working electronics is worth it.

Not having Floppy Claw Syndrome™ is worth it.

But really... if I were to buy him... I should really get rid of my G1 versions.

I mean... that has to happen in the new space.

If something goes in then something must go out.


If you don´t have G1 OS yet. I think this face actually looks worse though,couldn´t they do one that actually resembled his cartoon-version a bit?

I can't decide. You make a convincing argument to buy. For me, I have one other reason - BROKEN claw syndrome - but I still can't decide. I was hoping for a little bit more of an anime face like the work at reprolabels - But I hear it is super hard to put this sticker in place.

I may just breakdown and get a new claw and be done with it. I went through the same thing when I saw reissue SkyLynn. Because even though I have him, to see him in the box again is something to behold.

Fairplay,anime? you mean cartoon.
Omega supreme never appeared in japanese fiction or toys.

I just don't "get" why this guy is so popular ... he seems so "meh" to me ...

I'm waiting for Encore Metroplex, so I can put my mini-cons with Autobot City!!!

I think I'm the only person who doesn't actually like the new face. I think I'd rather just try to get the original. Every once in a while a MISB one will pop up on eBay for like $160-$200 if you get really lucky.

Or just use the tutorial and free pdf face on


I was 5 and it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen up to that point in my life. I really have no problem with re-issues when I don't have the original version, and all that's left of my original one is the rocket and the tank, which is almost completely broken.

It helps that I probably will avoid the preponderance of TFA toys.

Buy him! Buy Him! Buy Him!


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