Doctor Who: Partners In Crime


Doctor Who Series 4 Episode 1

Yes he's back. Back again. The Doctor's back. Tell a friend!

It is with great joy and happiness that The Doctor is back on the air!


Well... I didn't catch it on Sci-Fi yet.

But if you act fast enough, you can catch the episode posted on UTube until the BBC gets it removed.

The Good

I'm just so happy to have new Who on again. The Xmas special was ok but they are always just sort of filler fluff.

I'm actually shocked that Donna's appearance did not make me throw up in the back of my throat.

They've toned her down mostly from her first appearance and that makes her a helluva lot more palatable. Please BBCGods... keep it that way!

There's a lot of humor in the episode and it all pretty much works within the framework they've created for the 10th Doctor.

We even get an almost "Don't Fuck With The Doctor" moment. While somewhat cliched, I do think they are important to the overall fabric of the show and the character.

The Bad

None I can think of really.

The Ugly

That's just it isn't it? The ugly in this episode is sickeningly cute.

The Shocker

I knew it would happen but I didn't know it would happen this early on.

I won't ruin it for Who fans. But if you go to the BBC page for Series 4 Episode 1 you'll find the clip!


Now was it just me or did the Adipose mothership look like it was a leftover from "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" ?

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