Countdown to The GRC: 1 day

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It is so nice to begin a vacation on a nice sunny day and just get up without the alarm and not feel like I really have to do anything other than pull my crap together for the con and run a few errands.

And no... I'm not going to work on Project 5 until Tuesday at the earliest. I'm in no mood to ruin a generally good mood heading into Botcon by getting covered in dust for hours.


I saw that the TF SDCC exclusive this year will be another repaint of the Classics Prime mold, this time as the done-to-death Nemesis Prime deco.

So we get the same general idea done at Botcon and then again, only blacker, for SDCC.

Definitely time to retire the mold. I can accept the original, the Magnus, and even the Botcon repaint. And of course, the Henkei one isn't really for the American audience. But 5 of the same thing is 1 too much!

Speaking of the mold, the custom Ultra Magnus armor to Classics Magnus is really nice.

It still amazes me people will bitch about it and still go on and on about the use of a white Prime.

Be happy somebody is making something that will alter the figure... and selling it!

If you aren't going to kitbash and customize the shit out of it yourself then quit yer bitch'n!


1 Comment

I really like the Nemesis Prime redecos ... can't wait for SDCC version!!

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