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Battlestar Galactica

And in one episode... the seeds of the inevitable are sown.

Man oh man it was so great having new BG on again. Even though I can barely stay awake past 9:00pm anymore I'll make a Friday night effort to make sure I catch fresh BG from the flotsam that is television.


Random thoughts...

What the hell is up with her return!?!?! She's been "dead" for 2 months show-time and yet for her only 6 hours have passed in which she discovered Earth and obviously Saturn too.

Her viper is brand new as if it had been recently rolled off the assembly line (an impossibility) and yet she can't explain anything other than finding Earth.

Is she the voice in the wilderness that nobody will listen to? Is she the real Christ metaphor here, and hence the title of the episode?

Anders, Tigh, Tyrol, and Whatsername
We go from their self-revelation that they are Cylons one moment to all kinds of self-questioning.

I loved the moment when Anders encountered the Cylon Raider and there was that bizarre acknowledgment between the two, resulting in the battle abruptly halting. The red flash in his eye was great. Something I can't recall them ever doing for the human Cylons before. I love the fact that even he has no idea what it really means too!

And for the life of me I can't figure out their nature or purpose and that makes me incredibly happy!

Ah... for things that are fresh and new and unpredictable!!!

Shit! Bad craziness! Where the hell is his storyline heading?!?!

I mean, he's still thinking he's playing people like pawns but man oh man... something is most definitely up with his own pawnhood in the greater story.

And what's up with the harem?

Number 6 (in brig)
So she can feel that the unknown (to her) 4 Cyclons are in the Fleet. Obviously sharing this with Roslin will put the President on a course of action to ferret them out. I mean... Roslin is like that.

And their vision in the Opera House was shared?!?!?!

Ok... that's interesting to say the least.

Adama and Lee
Adama was kind of in the background in this episode. Of course, with a cast this large, it has to happen sometimes for others to get some of the spotlight.

And as usual, the Lee story is the one I just don't care too much about. I'm sure it has a place in the overall span of the season but he's such a boring character.


Overall... 9 outta 10.


It's really strange to realize after all this time that my favorite character is Jesus Baltar. And I have a feeling we'll get about as much quick resolution to the mystery of Starbuck as we have about Baltar's Six and Six's Baltar.

But she's totally gonna hook up with Leoben before the show ends.

There's an unanswered question that's really bugging me since it was revealed in season 3 and hopefully it'll be answered in this season at some point...

Why are the 7 *known* human Cylons unable to identify the final five ?

Are they programmed to mentally block it out or do they just not know or what ?

It's bugging the crap out of me...

Nala, for some reason or other i must have completely blanked out when that was onscreen because i really don't remember that...

Think i'm gonna have to watch that episode again...

Hadda watch it Sunday.


Man! Did that pull me back in! Starbuck was my favorite character from day 1, I was bummed when she "died" and was totally stoked when she "came back" (I put both in quotations because I don't know if she did either.) I hope they don't make her a Cylon, that would be too easy/predictable.

Did anyone else's jaw hit the floor when Col. Tigh killed Adama within the first 5 minutes?

I hated Baltar from day 1, but I'm really starting to enjoy his character.

Apollo is really starting to piss me off with this whole "I just wanna move on" load of crap. If he doesn't hop in a Viper and grab the stick, there may not be much to "move on" to.

The Four saying they are going to resist their programming is also an interesting tack. It'll be fun to see if they will be able to, or if they'll be able to follow Col. Tigh's "suggestion" if they can not.


Nope, didn't blink when Tigh killed Adama. It was hearkening back to the first season finale when Tigh watched Boomer plug Adama, and now that he knew he is a Cylon he wondered if he was going to do the same thing. I thought it was a deft parallel. I understand Michael Hogan's a little pissed that Tigh turned out to be a Cylon. But it proves that Cylons can get just as drunk as people.

And leave Apollo alone. He's just filling the stiff upper lip secretly super angsty field leader role that Cyclops made so unpopular. His speech at the end of last season was among my favorite moments in the series (He was right-if Cylon collaborators were getting a general amnesty, Baltar deserved equal treatment under the law), but if he thinks he can get elected after defending Baltar he really doesn't understand politics as well as he thinks he does.

One thing that struck me in the bathroom sequence was that after years of weaselly, save himself at the cost of anyone else behavior, Baltar wasn't afraid to die. Of all the characters, he's grown the most since the series began.

Does anyone else think Starbuck's sudden re-appearance might have anything to do with her missing ovary, considering that the Cylons are able to transmit 'personality' between bodies that Cottle has established are largely biologically human? Or is this all GOD and larger explanations?

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