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Is this different???

There I was walking through Target yesterday and I found these totally different packages on the Deluxe Movie figures.

The cylinder packaging, with the figure in bot mode, is really fantastic. I love it.

However, can anybody tell me if it is different from the previous mainstream release?

He looks a lot bluer but I never opened that one so I can't tell.

If you know... tell me.

I'll take this back if it is the same. I do not have a package variant fetish.


Yeah, the Target exclusives have new packaging and new decos. All of the toys have bluish accents to them.

The cylindrical packaging is really cool. And it's amazing how small the figures look when they're not on huge hanging cardbacks.

Like EB said, they all have blue "Allspark power" coloring. All of the Allspark Power toys have that blue somewhere.

Also his arms are mis-transformed. The hood halves should be rotated 180 degrees.

Cool packaging, but I'll wait for the Stealth version repaint.

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