Another afternoon with the goathead tunes and pilfered booze.


Ok. This photo of Earth-3 Convoy definitely makes the figure look like it is lickable and less than sellable.

I mean... s'kinda sad with FP can't do "make your panties moist" photos of their own stuff to get the conventioneer rabble truly excited.


Speaking of FP. Did you read the news about their threatening legal action against Chinese ebay sellers with all the stolen toys?

If you really want something funny, try rereading the supposed letter but think of the voice in the video here.

They just not better pull this shit on the toys I wanted to dump out of the box! Not that they are likely to get much out of me in the next year anyway.


Just give the old darkside a try

So. While there's something photoshoppy about this, the smaller Energon Galvatron mold that was barely released in 'Murica is a likely Botcon add-on.

If this is real, the head retool works, but the blue translucent parts would have worked so much better for me if they were tranlsucent red.


Regarding those stolen GRB figures, about damn time if you ask me.

The Security Guard at the back door of that particular Chinese factory must have finally woken up from his snooze.

About that Photoshopped Megs, it's colours look ok but at the end of the day, the mould itself doesn't really match the levels of poseability of the other figures in this year's line up.

I agree with Pulse in terms of poseability. And I agree with you, Nala, about the blue.

But I looked at the shape of the head and the colour scheme and all I could think of was Marvel Megatron:

And you know, that really makes me happy!

(Gonna find some way to add a fusion cannon to his arm).

I wonder if are bringing out an exclusive add-on for this year. That would be fun.

Botcon 2008 Megatron ... meh. I prefer my Energon Galvatron version of the same mold.

I think he'd look better in translucent red as well. The reason I think they went with blue is that maybe it seems more "good guy"? Or its just random. He does look like Marvel Comics Megatron! Well his head anyway. Its a pretty cool toy if its real.

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