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Crazy Steve's Tetra Jets

The one and only Evil King Macrocranios, aka my favorite Transformer blogger Crazy Steve, has been doing these little non-transformable custom G1 Cybertronian Tetrajets.

They're great!

I'm hoping he does one in Sunstorm colors just because so many people hate Sunstorm and therefore Sunstorm deserves the Tetrajet mode that he'd have had if he was a really character anyway so as to piss them off even more.

Pissing off Transformer fans isn't only Hasbro's job! It should be all of our jobs!


Those are frakin awesome! Nicely done. :)

Amazing work on the Tetrajet but i'm all about the Scrounge baby!

Makes me gloriously happy to see one of The Smelting Pool's most famous victims alive and kicking but unfortunately minus his very special arm...

C'mon people and show the love, he transformed into a wheel, a WHEEL!!!

What are they made from, foam or some kind of plastic?

It almost looks like plaster. I remember doing a plaster carving or two in High School. We had tools like that too.

heh, posted before I read all the links. Made from clay. :)

That scrounge looks terrific.

As do the jets! I'm a big fan of Sunstorm. I'd love to see a tetra-jet version!

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