Countdown to Final Crisis The GRC: 3 days


Ok. I've emailed our cell phone # out.

I'm suffering from frazzled brain old age due to the toy show and the house work and I think I got every body.

I know I lost Mr. Terrific's email but hopefully mine'll get forwarded like I requested.

Hmmm.... I gotta go home and rake up decaying magnolia leaves before I start spackling.



Nala, email is fair play 72 ATgmale .com

Of course the address is all one word, with a proper symbol and mail spelled correctly.

Tell me, did you sell your Overload/Prime, Prowl/Starscream set and OTFCC MegaZarak? How much were they going for... I would have gorged on your collection I fear.

:( my e-mail is broken... assuming i was one of the people you e-mailed, try again:
sewingstars (at)

either that, or you hate me. but yeah, my site went down, and the e-mail is a disaster...

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