Transformers Animated: The Elite Guard


The Good

Thankfully, this is a robot-centric episode light on the humans.

Ultra Magnus - Oy koledy! He's fantastic! And he wields Mjolnir and the the Dinobots cower in front of him!

It is like the writers have taken 22 years of G1 Ultra Magnus joking and turned it around.

Though in my opinion, God Magnus pretty much did that already in Car Robots!


Damn I gotsta have me a Jazz now!


"Prime" is a rank.

I love the fact that Optimus is not leader of the Autobots but merely leader of a squad of them. That's so much better.

The Bad

Sentinel Prime is such a tool. I hated him when he appeared in flashback and I hated him here.

Then again, it is obvious he's a tool so you can realize that Optimus isn't so much of a tool. Though Optimus is a lame ass character too.


You don't like Sentinel because he's a dick? Or you don't like him because you think he's a contrived foil for Optimus? Cause there's a difference there. I love that he's a jerk to Prime. I don't think Sentinel has a "one-note" personality like a lot of G1 characters. It's fun to see Autobots on a kids show not get along all the time.

I love where they're going with this show. (SPOILERS BELOW)

The concept of the elite guard adds some great depth to the Autobot forces...

The notion that Sari may not be human, and may in fact be one of Sumdac's own robotic creations, based on reverse engineering of Megatron's head no less!

Ultra Magnus finally has a reason to exist! (RID Magnus notwithstanding.)

Jazz mentioning Metallikato (G1 ninja nod!) was great and Phil Lamarr's VA is perfect.

Can't wait for more!

Sentinel Prime - I have a feeling he's one of those characters that will have a "growth" episode someday and get over his issues with Optimus. One thing I do like about him is he's voice by the same guy that did the Tick back in the 90's. You can see the resemblence in the chin area :P

Jazz - Now he kicked ass. I was always meh about his G1 incarnation but this took the best parts of that Jazz and dropped the bad. Very cool concept I hope he gets more air time.

Ultra Magnus - I'm liking the direction with him, not so sure about the Uber hammer of doom, but I must admit it is a neat gimick. Anyone notice how close they got him to sound to Robert Stack? Very cool in my opinion.

Sari - Maybe an android but I'm more inclined to gamble on some sort of nanotech clone. Everything we've seen up to this point has enough indication that she's still been "human" all along, but they could retcon it to fit. At any rate I've been very impressed with the writing so far. I take back every shitty thing I've ever said about the animation.

Megatron - I really do like this Megs, finally have a decent worthy villian for once. Just never cared much for any of the others to this point.

well, you know i feel nothing but love for this show... but i am with you nala, where is the ultra magnus toy!? loved his hammer of doom! also, phil lamarr up until now was always the UPS guy to me, but from now on i will refer to him as Jazz. :D

Animated has definitely revived my interest in Transformers. Ultra Magnus is really cool and they better make a Leader Class version of Him.

First time I heard him speak Robert Stack immediately came to my mind.

I'm loving this series.

Ultra Magnus IS getting the Leader class treatment.

No idea when it would get release probably around Christmas time considering when it was leaked that it was being made.

No he does have to have his Uber hammer of doom though.

Sari is the 5th Cylon.

But seriously, this was a great episode and it really brought a lot of depth to the series. I love how they ended it with Sari having no proof that she even exists. No ID, no nothing.

I also really enjoy the "fish out of water" thing they do when new Autobots come to Earth. Its funny.

It seemed as though the purpose of this episode (besides the introduction of 3 new characters) was to sow the seeds for further plotlines (Spacebridge, Allspark being scattered everywhere, Sari never existing etc.).

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Ultra Magnus being portrayed as the supreme, all-powerful leader. Wouldn't it be better if he was at the same rank as Optimus & Sentinel?

How cool was Jazz! A little more "Scatman Cruthers" in his voice would make him even more perfect.

8 1/2 out of 10 (Jazz definitely made this a great episode for me)

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