I'm sorry. I was premature in toy ejaculation.


Wow! I'm shocked at how many emails I got about stuff that will leave the Attic of Love!

Unfortunately, I really was a bit premature in putting up those photos and that list from my spreadsheets.

Let me actually finalize everything, get the expected prices for the toy show in the lists, and I'll repost. I still have a lot more to go through.

Any of you collect DC Direct? Teen Titans? JLU? If you are looking for anything let me know on those too.

From the looks of it, our tables are going to be pretty sweet at the toy show.


Plus, I plan to add some "90's era Marvel figures at deep discount prices" to the pile.


HA! I guess I didnt realize what you were sending, J. I had a lot of those I won on eBay "for customizing," which I eventually gave to Mr. B, which, as he was moving a couple weekends ago, went to yet another guy.

Our neighbor, Bru (Brew?) a couple summers ago was selling his at deep discount prices at his yard sale. (He, too, has a plastic crack addiction.)

I've been selling some on ebay, but was planning on the rest at the show, $1 or $2 each. Just clearing them all out.

There is some Batman stuff in there too. :-)

ooh! batman stuff. I cant wait to start sorting.

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