Attacktix Cybertron Ransack


Attacktix Cybertron Ransack

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Hey Nala I thought you were gonna stay away from the attacktix? and has anyone found a Mirage alt. yet?

For $2.50 I'm not going to get too bent out of shape by these guys. Thankfully I didn't get any duplicates or else I'd be pissed. I really hate any thing that is blind packed. Blind packing is just a company's way of bending you over and shoving a huge cock into you.

I get my Mirage this weekend. Jeremy found me one in Cleveland!!!

Are you just getting these because there's no more PVCs in stores? Or do you know anyone who'll actually play against you?

These, and Titaniums, replace the PVCs.

I could care less about a game.

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