I was on ebay a while ago and picked up a boxed set of all the Headmaster,Master force, and victory episodes on region 1 dvd and headmasters series is cheesey and not for anyone without a short attention span, some of the masterforce episodes are like Dragonball Z, and Victory was good.

The subtitled version is ok. The StarTV dub with Sparkle, Billy, and Wally is totally horrid.

Oh, c'mon. You didn't like Danny running around yelling "Uncle Sixshot! Uncle Sixshot!"?

Yea i got the star tv version but what i couldnt believe was that Galvatron rebuilt Soundwave into "New Soundwave"

The dub would be better if they had more than three people doing all 50 characters.

That said, you gotta love hearing a Transformer say "I'll send you express to hell."

Galvatron's voice (and ranting) is fantastic.

"I shall call you New Soundwave!" is one of my favorite lines.

I also liked it when Soundwave exploded initially and all Galvatron had to say was "Darn that Soundwave!"

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