Holy crap! New shit at Graceland!


I don't know why but I had a gut feeling about it so at lunch time I headed up to Graceland Target.

Now understand, Graceland Target really hasn't had anything in months. The toys are in disarray and the TF pegs are empty.

I was hoping that since this was the case and eventually something new would appear soon.

Well, as I turned the corner and saw unpacked boxes on the cart I noticed some Hasbro "CYB" boxes and was so hoping for an Alternator Mirage or Camshaft.

As I turned the corner, my disappointment over the lack of new Alternators sunk in and then I saw a Cybertron QuickMix and quickly snapped it up.

It seems they stocked a ton of 3" Titaniums, the 6" Titaniums, the $10 Optimus Prime, Unicron, and Demolisher, as well as a bunch of those Attacktix figures. They actually got Unicron-less Primusii too!

Now I wanted the QuickMix but not knowing why I also snagged up the one $10 Attacktix 4-pack and a $15 2-pack.

I really should take the Attactix shit back. I mean, they are just little figurines like the TItaniums but really they are pointless for me. Especially the $15 Energon Omega Supreme one. I mean the frigg'n Star Wars/TF kit is only $20 and has a ton more of those figures in it. The $14 price point is just bad.

So basically I got my QuickMix and his minicon and now have to decide if the Attactix shit should be in the collection or not.



Having seen them up close, I don't dig them. Personally I would return them and get more LoC guys. But I think you have the whole set by now.

And I'm jealous of the Quickmix. Once I get him, Menasor, Smokescreen, Unicron, Brakedown GTS and Yellow Scrapmetal, I am so done with Cybertron.

Ditch the Attactix and save your money for the Classics!

My thought is that you should have bought the Unicron and held him for me. I can't find him anywhere.

As for the attactix. I bought the $20 set this morning (mostly because WM didn't have any other new stuff). I'm going to keep it, but I don't know how many other Attactix stuff I will be buying.

So this $15 Omega Supreme, is it the same as the Omega Sentinel thats part of the $20 set? Or something different? Do you get any other figures with the $15 pack?

. . . on the other hand Walky seems to love them.

So your mileage may vary.

I pretty much have given up on finding a Menasor around these parts.

Over 16 stores or so that I hit over the past 5 days within a 180 mile radius of Cowtown and zilch!

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