Alternator Camshaft


Alternator Camshaft

Giga wanted to check out Lennox Target's pricing on Titaniums based on our other Target visit today.

I knew Lennox was due for a Alternators shipment and I managed to find Camshaft, the repaint of Prowl.

Of course, Mirage has eluded me once again.

Number in Collection: 1658


So did you successfully return the Titaniums?

No. I havent even tried again because I didn't like being called a liar and wasting $3 in gas each way and spending 20 minutes at the customer service desk.

You were even with me when I bought them!

(btw, I tried to call corporate Customer Service, and they're closed on weekends, and so I have to try to call Monday. The in-store guys said there was nothing they could do since "you didnt buy those items on this receipt.")

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