Botcon Exclusive Shokaract


Botcon Exclusive Shokaract

An extremely stupid ebay purchase.

Number in Collection: 1662


I'll raise you an MP Prime for $270 shipped just before they friggin' announced a second wave of the things. Now you can just buy 'em online for $120, tops.

Mind you, this is the *second* MP Prime to replace the first one, who's waist ratchet gave out after just four days. Grr.

Also, sucks about your ankle. :( I've been there, I totally understand... hopefully it's just bruised and not ripped up inside. (Being able to actually work on it is a really good sign, BTW.)

Ouch! That's some major scratch for a Prime! I can't believe your first one broke like that.

The ankle is doing ok. The wrist that I actually fell on after twisting the ankle actually is hurting worse now. The fun never ends here for me.

Yeah... I got the MP on the backend of the first wave, long before it looked like we would see more and the average price was about $180+. And of course, the seller would have nothing to do with it - "You transform him three times, you break him."

Bah, eBay.

Glad to hear the ankle seems a bit better and sorry to hear the wrist is a bit worse. I imagine it's all ice and care from here on in. On the bright side though, the bazement is looking pretty amazing now! Not much further until the finish line, eh? ^_^

Well. The main room of the basement will be about 60% done when I finish the current area I'm working on. I have pretty much the entire 40' of the south wall and about 15' of the west wall to redo as well.

Then there's the most awful part which is a small room under the front porch. That's actually masonry brick so I don't know what I'll do to repair that yet.

Glad it's getting there... not sure what to do about the masonry though. Hmm... wall it off with Michael Bay inside, maybe?

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