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Cybertron Quickmix and Stripmine

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Hot damn!

We never get any of the awesome stuff in Toledo... :/

Tell me about it. I spent last Thursday through Sunday in Toledo. While there I hit every 3 Targets, 2 ToysRUs, a bunch of K-Marts, several Meijers, a Wal-Mart, and NOTHING! ZILCH!

I figured K-Mart on Manhattan Blvd would have something that nobody had found yet but they had a ton of stuff that was just old. I was shocked to find Cybertron Scourges there. We haven't had those on the shelves in Columbus in over 1/2 a year or so.

What's more shocking is I hit every Wal-Mart, Target, and Meijers on the road down I-75 and US23 and also found ZILCH!!!

Toledo has a real problem with slow-moving stock; the TRU at Franklin Park had the same thing with Scourge. Not to mention the ever-popular Supreme Starscream, Shelf Warmer Extraordinaire. Heck, wasn't that long ago they still had Universe Ratchet (!) at the Monroe St. Target.

The other half of the problem appears to be that either the Toledo area is getting very small shipments of the new toys, or else there's a rogue super-scalper on the loose.

(Point in question: I go into TRU, and there's six Metroplexes. Next week they are gone. Supreme Starscream and Master Megatron look on forlornly.)

Heck, I couldn't really afford it but I picked up Primus because they only had the two. Now I might actually go to TRU tonight, just to see how the stock is looking!

Check you email.

That said, Giga and I can always be on the look out for stuff if you want it.

I've got stuff going out tomorrow for James, and Jeremy has a pile of stuff sitting here. I think I've sent stuff to Frowny too.

Mail checked, reply on the way. ^_^

I totally would not say no to the offer of holding stuff. Actually, what I'd love to do is try and set up a network of fans helping other fans out with what is essentially, really awful distribution.

On that note, I hit the TRU last night - new stock, yay! I tell you what, that store is now the one-stop-shop for all your Attacktix Omega Supreme needs!

(Also, Titanium wonkerific Megatron!)

On the upside, they finally got the Giant Planet Minicon team out on the shelves, so I picked up a set (thus depriving the store of half their stock.) There are a whole lot more Primii out too.

So, if anyone needs Primus, Dark Crumplezone, Red Alert and Scattershot SWAT, or a hundred Mudflaps, I'll see what I can do. ^_^

Well believe me, we've got our share of Mudflaps, Dark Scorponoks, and the 2 Crumplezones.

I'm glad you got the new minicons. I love 2 of the 3 of 'em!

Email what you are looking for and I'll let you know if I can pick it up.

I'm getting my quickmix in 2 weeks, hell yeah bitch.

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