And then Terminator Zor Prime got into his Bioroid mecha.



So according to a post at Allspark this is the movie Megatron.

This Southern Cross Bioroid skeleton is the Transfomer's Megatron.

Like I said before it was hard to me to find a way to care about this film called "Transformers".

And sure, call me a hater, but man oh man, does anybody still give a fuck if Frank Welker voices this?

Who the fuck cares who voices this character.

I can see why they announced Cullen to try and appease the G1 one fans but this film has nothing to do with Transformers as anybody with any familiarity knows it.

This is as bad as Hasbro calling Car Robots Gigatron the Megatron name. Worse even.

Forget about caring about this movie folks. It is not being made for TF fandom!!!

And you know this Megatron is going to have KISS Player Legion's penis tonguetacle! You know it!


I totally agree with you. This is as far removed from Transformers as we know it, as an ameoba is from the human race...


It's extra comedically tragic right now, at least with Cullen the fanbase was united. But here... L

Look, the rules are simple - keep some alt. mode kibble on the robot and incorporate it elegantly. Keep things not blocky, but at least solid. It's not rocket surgery.

I'm just amazed that so many people within the fandom *like* where this is going. The movie didn't have to be G1 Redux, but it's getting harder and harder to imagine these things as anything but the aliens they are being played up as.

And it's great at all, 'cept the TFs are more than aliens, they are TFs. And the TF-ishness is severely lacking.

The good news is, we can expect the next movie to land in 2028.

How can you make a Transformers movie without Shockwave? I am shocked and appalled. I am starting a campaign to have Shockwave inserted into the film or have production shut down altogether... scorched earth.

I believe my exact words to a co-worker were:

She warn’t in thet color, but I durn left turds that look like that in the terlet.

Seriously, I was OG against the Transformers movie. Not just because I'm a playa-hata. . . but because I saw the names Don Murphy and Michael Bay attached and knew that something would go hideously, hideously wrong. I lived through this with From Hell and LXG (both products of Murphy's pinhead production studio) and it didn't taint the source material.

It's real easy to not care about it if you just don't let yourself. And the simple truth is that enough of the fanbase is jizzing themselves over the sheer existence of a TF movie that they don't even care if it'll be a GOOD TF movie. Which amazes me, considering how much moaning there is over every color palette choice Hasbro makes.

Its funny; I bought a Universe Snowcat yesterday, and had to return it because it didn't have a face. I thought it was a weird factory error, but now I see this new Megatron, and he doesn't seem to have a face either...coincidence?

Wow I always wondered when Mr. Grimm would find this blog.

JOP: While I have no idea what the current running budget or marketing budget is on this project, I can only imagine, with how disappointing Superman Returns was at the box office this year, and going up against Spider-Man 3, could seriously dent the box office on this. Sure they won't open on the same day and all but Sam Raimi has proven himself there. The TF films appeal is pretty much to a predominantly 18-30 male demographic and a lot has gotta be banked on getting them in early and quick.

However, I can see this being a relative mediocre box office film and your 2028 date for a sequel would be realistic.

Grimlock: Er... um... you go ahead and get right on that. And while your at it, try to get Rip Taylor in it too. Shockwave + Rip Taylor would of course equal not only a Best Picture Oscar but also an Oscar in at least 2 other categories.

Frowny: Well you know I could really care less about the film. I've learned my lesson in how Hollywood adapts print and tv pop culture items to film. I find myself on the fence saying "yeah, this'll probably be an ok CGI robot movie and all" but it just won't be related in any way to what the title is based on.

Mister Grimm: Didn't have a face? As in nothing? I never opened up mine so I have no idea what the status is.

I was watching South Park Season 5 on dvd and in the episode "Cartmanland" Kyle has a scene when his parents read from the book of Job and it went like this "So thats it. Job loses his family and Michael Bay gets to still make movies all so God can tell Satan i told you so"

Amen, Brother James, preachin' the South Park.

The movie may still yet be ok, but like so many movies "based on" previous source material, it may be so far flung as to be distinguishable as such. And that MIGHT work to its advantage.

Although, I'm still betting it will tank. In 1 month or less, you'll be seeing it at discount theatres. Much like My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Or Fantastic Four.

No hard numbers, but Bay has thrown around $150 million plus as number, and some people are saying it's closer to $200 mil.

And nobody said this would be G1 (except some off-comments by Don Murphy, and his opionion isn't exactly kosher.) I think we would all be cool with this being a sort of "Best of..." story. As long as they got the basics right, it could be a very enjoyable movie for the kids and for the 18-30s.

They really don't seem to have wrecked the project; it's just that they get some of the fundementals - like big red truck, Peter Cullen - and they've not failed to understand the rest, like using alt. mode kibble properly and the whole alien = insectile bollocks.

Nelson, the admin for Michael Bay's forums, says the designs are final. Brian Goldner, Hasbro superhero, says it ain't so. is having a laugh right now. Here's hoping this turns out for the better. ^_^

Some people genuinly like this new aesthetic, some people don't - and certainly, we can all agree to disagree.

I think what's really giving people the willies here is that Don Murphy can speak out of one side of the mouth and tell us to stop being so negative and just wait; but out of the other side of his mouth, he is expectorating insults at anyone that doesn't see it his way. Check out comment number seven!

Michael Bay I actually trust, because he might have a singular vision and I might not agree with it at times, but he's got passion and I believe the hype when they say he's clocking double shifts every day on this thing.

Don Murphy, however, looks more and more like a raving lunatic and for the life of me, I can't understand why either Paramount or Hasbro are still keeping him attached to the project!

And that's before a trip to his forums... my god, the stupidity in that place is off the charts...

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