What exactly was the purpose of Alpha Q?


I was thinking.

I remember every episode of the G1 cartoon.

I remember every episode of Beast Wars and Beast Machines.

I remember every story from Robots In Disguise and even Headmasters.

However, for the life of me, I couldn't tell you what happened in Armada, Energon, or really even Cybertron.

Megatron kind of just runs around being a dick in Cybertron but that's about it.

And Energon has got to be one of the easiest things to forget. Ever.

I wonder if kids of today will even remember any of these series.

I hope not.


The Unicron Trilogy is, unfortunately, kinda meh. I lay a lot of that blame at the feet of the animation studios; I greatly respect the Japanese contribution to animation in general, but recently it feels as if they are trying to shoehorn a Western mythos into the cliche of the super-robot show.

To bring a little positive spin; some elements, such as the depiction of Amarda Starscream as a highly capable (if misguided) warrior, were quite refreshing.

Unfortunately, such memorable moments are all too often overshadowed by the inevitable Megatron / Optimus swordfight; the inexplicable 'powering-up' of multiple characters as a means to introduce repaints; or the constant reuse of stock transformations, *despite* the heavy use of computer animation... bad crazy...

Ya mnow now that i think about it your right. Transformers now-a-days dont have what they used to when i was a kid. granted that i came in towards the end of g1 seeing as i was born in 1983. Some of the problems i think are the fact actual character depth isnt there like in g1 all the bots had a story and somthing about them. Optimus actually had a pair between his legs back then and did somthing, he did'nt wait for it to hit the fan like in these newer series. there was a ton of Characters from the Brothers/Warriors sideswipe, sunsteaker and trailbreaker multiple subgroups like gestalts,headmasters,targetmasters not just a simple insert key for features and i can't express this enough all toys need a gun in a kids mind that can make or break a toy. well im done ranting but if they want a better series all im saying is Bring back the Brothers,make optimus a man,make new master series toys Trust me they will sell

As someone who lived through G1 and is now going through the latest on CN with my son... I've gotta say each has its strengths and weaknesses. Kremzeek, anyone ? My son has his favorites from both the old school days and currently.

I LOVE the Kremzeek episode!

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