New Minicons. One really ugly bot mode!


Lotsa pics popping up of the new mini-con molds coming out.

I'm all for new molds, don't get me wrong.

And I understand the limitations of the size.

But man oh man, while the alt modes are awesome some of the bot modes kinda blow.

That dragon thing's bot mode just is... disturbing to my æsthetic sensibilities.


I love the jet mode but like you said all the bot modes suck to me the only one i would consider would be the triceritops

Yeah, the dragon one is pretty bad. The rest are forgivable.

I agree, the dragon is quite ugly in robot mode but his dragon mode is awesome. For the most part, I find all of the robot modes rather strange (except for the dinobots). I love the dinobot molds.

I still dig the cop car. But I seem to be a sucker for (among other things) Emergency vehicle transformers that aren't Energon Prowl.

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