Um. Eww.


I have decided there's a Transformer that I just won't buy.

It isn't a repaint. It isn't a retool. It doesn't fall under the usually awful "Transformers Universe" brand.


I will not be buying the Classics Megatron Nerf Gun.

I just can't stand this figure.


Still better than Torca.

As much as i hate the nerf gun/shellformer look i like the fact that he finally makes a gun. it's about time i was starting to get fed up all the tanks,dragons,and car/jet? that he been made into. oh im 23 in college so nerf guns are still cool now if he would only shoot darts lol

Ha, you say that now. Just wait until you can't find any other new crack on the shelves and out of a need to buy more you break down and buy him. I had said that I wouldn't buy Bendy Prime again from Cybertron, but when I hadn't bought anything in a few weeks and all that was new was him or the Demolisher repaint, I broke down and purchased. Thank goodness I have yet to buy that Demolisher repaint.

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