Truck AND Monkey!


Optimus is totally doing the

See. Evil Monkey.

It is like a Truck AND Monkey kind of joke!


They look like some kind of sitcom odd-couple. ^_^

"Bdah-bdah dah dah / One is a munky / The other is a trukk / Munky likes to party / Trukk, he's just out of luck / They got a house together / And together they're now stuck / And now it's time for the hilarious / Adventures of Munky And Trukk!"

Hmmm. I may need to get an actual Monkey toy and do a stop motion thing with them.

Is it me or is that gun HUMUNGOUS?!

It is pretty big overall but I think the depth-of-field makes it appear bigger. I didn't really adjust much in the way of camera settings since I was in a hurry to get these taken.

"One is the wise and compassionate leader of the Autobot forces; the other is an evil, pointing monkey! Tune in for more hilarity with Trukk and Munky!"

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