Oy koledy!


I had to laugh when I read this.

There's a petition online over the Flames on Movie Optimus Prime with over 4000 signatures listed: "We, the undersigned, whole-heartedly REFUSE to accept an Optimus Prime....... with flames. Simply put, flames stopped being cool somewhere around the 8th grade. Mr. Bay, what happened? We knew you directed Pearl Harbor but we instantly forgave you of that the moment you cast Peter Cullen (the original voice actor) as Optimus Prime..."

Things have now gone from mildly silly to just plain retarded.

The movie is not made for TF fandom. It never was.

No amount of pleading or petitioning is going to make any difference.

TF fans, and I'm not talking kids who play with the toys here, make up probably 25,,000 people worldwide or so.

That is nothing in the scope of the audience that this film will have.

It doesn't matter if you don't want flames or you do want flames. Nothing matters because this film was never for you all anyway!!!


i'm appalled by the fact that they made a petition over a trivial alt mode deco and not those horrendous robot modes. where's the focus? where's my spellchecker?

You know... I kind of find the absurdity of it all now far more amusing than when I originally read it.

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