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Any excitement I had with finding a Mensor today was crushed as Giga tried to return the 2 6" Titaniums he originally bought me.

Target has fuck'd up the SKUs so bad on this shit. Remember they started selling the 3" ones for $14.99 and the 6" ones for $4.99 by accident?

Well, Giga paid $14.99 for them and I told him to return them since I bought a set already. Well. Target basically says that the items on his receipt are not the 2 6" Titaniums when they clearly are!

It was a fucking joke!

We collectively spent thousands of dollars a year at Target.

In fact, I'd hazard to say that while arguing in the return line over this, he and I both had on jeans, tshirts, underwear, and socks bought at Target.

I am in and out of Target weekly spending close to $20 per week usually.

For them to basically accuse him of lying is uncalled for and total bullshit.

They fucked up their pricing SKUs. I just didn't want this extra set of figures and they should honor their receipt!

I've tried to generate a lot of good toy karma in my time, buying crack for those who need it, tracking down extra figures for those with poorer distribution than Cowtown.

I paid G for the figures since they were for me to begin with.

But you know something. I really feel guilty about having bought that Menasor from Target. In fact, I'll feel really guilty shopping at Target again in the future.

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Whatever happened to the customer always being right???


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