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I saw this link to TFWire from Shortpacked!. I rarely listen to TFWire's podcast anymore but perhaps I should gather up the past few months someday and listen in again when I am concrete-free for a while.

Anyway, while I am not into wearing emblematics and and am pretty much a solid-colored shirt man but I have to admit, the thought of wearing adult Underoos kinda has a certain perverted and sick appeal to it.


The guys of TFWire report that Hot Topic is planning on releasing more TF-related shirts. And these are pretty cool in that Adult Underoos-ish kind of way.

Baby Jesus crys when I wear red so the Hot Rod and Prime shirts are out for me but I can see myself... and I *gulp* when I say this... buying a Soundwave and Tracks shirt.

Would I wear them?

Probably once or twice around the house or out at breakfast.

No doubt they'll be in the $18-$20 price range so that is usually more than I'll pay for any tshirt but who knows.

06-23-06-megsshirt.jpgOh. And speaking of TF-related shirts and fandom... if you are and adult Transformers fan... please ditch that Megatron Club shirt that came out a few years ago. It isn't that attractive, it is not a "formal" shirt because it has buttons, and it doesn't look good if you are 20 lbs over your ideal weight. It also goes against all subliminal fashion rules when you and 30 other guys are wearing at the same time at the same place.

Hmmm... maybe I'll create a fuck'd up character at Botcon and do a "What are you wearing?" red-carpet video kinda thing.

I am pretty much outside of TF fandom so I could be the weird asshole at the con making a general nuisance of himself with a video camera.

Cool! I can dig that!

The character definitely needs to be German-ish and speak with an accent of some sort. I'm thinking along the lines of Dieter from Sprockets with plenty of Sacha Baron Cohen's gay BrĂ¼no character. Man. That could really unsettle some people.

"Excooze me. That TakaraTomy packaging clashes with your obvious cheap Wal-Mart shoes. Do something about it!"

Oh. Yes. There's annoying potential here!!!

But I digress.

I like the Soundwave and Tracks shirts.

Hell. These four designs are at least pretty iconic. If you have any peripheral knowledge of G1 you'll know who they are.

Shockwave Underoos would be pretty obvious too but pretty boring. Same with Hound.


Something should be done about that Megatron club shirt. It never, never looked good, on anybody.

Oh and about the new shirts. Hot Rod and Tracks are rather flamey for my tastes. Soundwave and Optimus Prime might be acceptible for the right occasion (but being that the right occasion would be TF convention and there would surely many nerds there wearing the same thing, maybe it wouldn't be the thing to wear) :)

I don't think there is any science in this (and quite possibly other) universes that could ever not make Hot Rod and Track's hood logos any less "flamey".

If the Tracks hood logo didnt have a huge triangle in it, he'd just have a Firebird flame. And that'd be sweet, because he'd be one step away from being a bitchn Camaro.

I will hold off further judgement until I see the designs on actual tshirts.


Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

Really, Club shirts of all kinds need to be burned. They're as bad as Zubaz pants as far as taste goes, but somehow people seem to think that they're acceptable in public. And I like the Soundwave shirt and the Tracks Shirt but I have the feeling the Tracks shirt would just make me want to jump around my apartment air guitaring to "The Power." I would buy a Hound shirt if it was just the white star and the autobot symbol on an army green shirt.

Just a heads up Nala, guys, I actually work at HT (not saying which store so they can't fire me, but I'm sure you can figure it out, heh) - so when these shirts come in, let me know and I'll grab them at discount. Least I can do. :)

Forgot to add; they better decide to make the Tracks one (shame I can't influence the decision-making) because I am so totally there. He's like, totally worship-able. :)

Hmmm. I can hazard a guess.

When I was in Glass City a few weeks back I actually went to that Mall and went in to HT. There was a pair of vertical striped slacks on the wall I was jones'n for but my ass would never have fit into them.

That mall is SO different from when I was a teen. I barely recongize it.

I know the ones you mean.... they look awesome, but the company is on some sort a skinny-leg-jean motif thing right now (I think it's an appeal to the teen scenesters); unfortunately, unless you are a teenage anorexic with undescended organs, then it's a bit of a tight squeeze. Nice look, not sure it it's worth the pain.

As for that mall... the place has changed pretty radically in just the last few years. They dropped something like $114 million on it to make it more high class... because that's what classy is all about, fake marble facias and stores with a bigass markup.

Don't even get me started on the 127 families they've deprived of a home so they can redevelop the land into an Old Navy!

Well. I have now officially transitioned into my mid-30s and unless you have a perfect body, there are no real nice looking stylish clothes made for you at all. You either look like you have aging issues because you buy clothes aimed at 18-year-olds or you join the ranks of your parents' appearance. It is definitely worse for women even.

I don't know Nala. I tend to disagree a bit with your comment on the lack of clothes for mid-30s males. I think that there are plenty of options for your age and body shape (I think we have a similar build so I can rightfully comment). Granted, the majority of clothing is designed for a different build but that isn't to say that stuff isn't available. You just have to look and be willing to try different things on.

Whatever you do though, don't try to buy the clothes aimed at the 18 year olds. Even they look stupid wearing all that mass commercialized crap.

There seems to be a definate gap between the cool teenage market and then some sort of midlife parent thing (boating, golfing, hiking clothes.) Drives me nuts too.

The young people though... hahaha, man, HT has some good stuff but some of it... I can't believe they actually wear it...

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