Repacking Energon crap for somebody's enjoyment.

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Transformers Universe Basics Wave 2? (

I still can't believe that Hasbro keeps producing these toys and is now packaging them under the "Universe" banner. This old energon stuff can still be found in some Krogers and WeBeToys here in Cowtown!

Then again, this may be unpackaged overstock that Hasbro packed up in a Universe-branded shell.

I've seen the larger combiner parts in Big Lots but they are basically the same price they were in main retail when Energon was new.

I might consider buying some of the omnicons as "army builders" if I found them for less than $3 but other than that they just aren't worth it.

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I can only guess (since they aren't being repainted) that Hasbro's just trying to get rid of them.

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