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I was responding to an email last night and as I looked around the attic I realized that perhaps... just perhaps... now is the time to really get rid of most of this stuff.

Thinning out the shelves the other day, as well as my realization that the money I spend on this hobby is utterly a waste of resources, has definitely got me thinking that more and more can go.

The G1 stuff? Probably everything except my Shockwave, Omega Supreme, and Jetfire.

Beast Wars? Everything.

RID? Everything but my Omega Prime and Translucent Autobot Brothers.

Armada? Gone. All of it.

Energon? Everything but Shockblast.

Cybetron: Gone.

Universe: Bye Bye.


The attachment is disappearing.

And that is actually a really really healthy thing.


don't do it! i've gone through this before and utterly regretted it.

But you are still going to Botcon, right?????

Jeremy Lee: I don't think I'll regret it though. I'll keep the things I really love and still try to get my "holy grail" stuff.

But do I need all of the non-show Beast Wars and Beast Machines stuff that I couldn't care less about ? Not really.

I've got to find the "sweet spot" between adequate collection and clutter.

In my insane quest for quantity, I've let it get out of hand.

A whole entire attic devoted to this stuff is just too insane.

Jeremy: Of course. I still enjoy the geeking and of course I already have the cash plunked down. Not to mention Frowny's loose set to pick up.

I just don't need so much crap.

I've been slowly doing this bit by bit. Not just with transformers but with my while toy collection. I'm not saying that they were a waste of time but my tastes have changed and I don't really need or want a lot of it.

I've never been a completist, but I got really close for a while.

Completism is a really bad way to go. You end up with a bunch of crap you don't care about at all, and finding the next best thing becomes more important than what you've got. I started doing this with my Marvel Legends. Now I've passed on almost all of the last several waves.

The problem I've come across is that a lot of the things I'm getting rid of just flat out aren't worth anything. Not that I want to make a profit but it's difficult at first to get rid of the mindset that "I'm only getting 50 cents at a garage sale for this I may as well just keep it in a plastic tub somewhere".

That mindset will only kill the thinning of the collection. Let it go. You'll find the numbers dwindle faster than you think. Sure, I've got many that I'll keep forever but I've gotten rid of a lot of junk. Optimus Minor? What's the point? Four repaints of Beast Machines Jetstorm? Hey, I like the mold and they are unique enough to stand apart, I'll keep them all.

Still in a year I may be rethinking that Jetstorm polocy.

I'm a big believer that collecting is more fun and more manageable when you carve out a particular niche for yourself, and focus on a certain theme or category. Sometimes less is more : ) It might even make your collection more unique.

"There's no such thing as quitting, just a longer pause between relapses."

Seriously, though, you could probably stand to have a collection about 1/4 to 1/3 of what you have now. I've read this blog long enough to know there's a lot of them you just don't care about. Just don't get rid of any you'll regret getting rid of later.

I understand - that with each successive wave - there are some real gems, some godawful abominations, and the rest of the line in between.

Some days, reviews steer you right; some times, you only find out how much you *don't* like a particular figure *after* you've taken it out of the package. Sometimes all you want to do is just to know how the thing actually works - after that, it's on to the next one. ^_^

But without doubt, space and money are, unfortunately, precious things - and if that means Armada Sideswipe and Cybertron Unicron DLX have to find themselves a new roof to uglify under, that's their problem - somewhere out there is a glorious black and gold Car Robots Optimus looking for a home. ^_^

(And as an aside; there's nothing particularly wrong with being a completist; it's more a case of scale. Sure, you get Abominus, you gotta have that ugly stain of a toy that is blot - on the other hand, when a line gets to be sixty or more figures... that sort of justification is a little harder to follow.)

Just let your heart guide you hand in what can go and what can stay... oh, and possibly reconsider that holy grail eBay auction if it's still running. ^_^

Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy...drooooooooool.....

I'm not much of a Car Robots fan... but even I want that thing! ^_^ Just $1,399.99...

Nala + Car Robots = Much Love

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