Kiss Player Hod Rod


08-25-06-altrod.jpgThere's a post over at by Fatguy with a pic of forthcoming TakaraTomy Kiss Play Hot Rod, a redeco of the Alternators Mirage mold with a new head.

Since Alternators are still on my collecting list I'll probably get this. I figure Hasbro will release this as well to take advantage of the new head sculpt. At least I hope they do.

I understand the basic economics of why redecos are done for Transformers. Most of them are understandable and Hasbro hits a few home runs every now and then when the repain a mold. Quite oftent he repaint is even superior to the orignals.

But with the Binaltech/Alternators line I never quite understood why the heads could not have been designed to be more component-based, allowing for at least simple head retools/swaps. The Reprolabels kitbash of Trailbreaker from a Swindle head and Alt Nemesis Prime is a good example where a new head and paint redeco truly makes you feel like you have a new figure.

A lot of fandom gets bent out of shape by redecos. I'm usually more apathetic and only get bent out of shape by really really poor redecos like a good chunk of the TF Universe line.

However, with that said, I gotta admit that the recently released Alternators Camshaft definitely falls into the "just called it in" kinda of redeco. He's just so boring and dull.

The pics posted by Fatjuy of this Kiss Play Hot Rod aren't great but I think the massive amount of red creates a definitely different looking figure. We'll have to see when better pics come out of the head.

But all in all I'm pretty sure I'll get him. I just don't think flames would look good on this car. In fact... they'd be like if Hollywood made Transformers and... oh... wait... nevermind.


Figure=Sweet story not so hot from what i gather. Anyone know where i could find out what the heck the storyline is?

Perceptor to Optimus

"Well if you need power we got Godmaster Ginrai,Sparkplug the Mini-con Or you can Join up with Ultra Magnus"


"You Got anything else"

Wheel Jack to Optimus

"Well, I guess.... Ummmm... Hey! hows a 12 year old girl sound"


"I'll Take it"

Really cannot understand the perviness... I guess you have to be Japanese...


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