Transformers: Splintered


Hod Rod opens the Autobot Matrix of Leadership

Deep in the bowels of the planet-eating Unicron, the Autobot Hot Rod retrieved the stolen Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Unbeknownst to the anyone but Alpha Trion, Hot Rod was destined to merge with the Matrix, its billion years-old power transforming him into Rodimus Prime... the savior of the Autobots and Decepticons.

Little did any of them know the price Hot Rod would pay to be a puppet of prophecy.

Transformers: Splintered.... Coming soon if Naladahc ever gets his shit together.


I just realized that Hot Rod = Jesus.


PS, no matter how many times I do it that checkbox for "remember personal info?" never works.

Hot Rod does indeed have a little Jesus in him.

And regarding the cookie thing... you may need to clear out any old cookies that reference this site. Depending on the browser, it may be set to not set cookies.

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