Bad craziness.

Jeremy found me an Alternator Mirage somewhere up in the North Coast! Hell! He found two even!!!

Oh. The one Botcon Exclusive Antagony that I was close to dropping $250 on went for over $367!!! And what's funny, a sniper snagged it at the last minute from somebody who probably had a legitimate top bid.

Of course, Ebay will never add a captcha so that a human has to actually place an auction bid so it just makes using ebay that much less fun. Ebay is really sad these days with the number of snipers, stores, and other "don't give the customer any change of success" kinds of thinking in the auctioning. It doesn't have the fun it did in the late 90s.

Now hopefully I won't end up winning the auction for the lot of Alt Prime, Mirage, Camshaft, and Jazz that I've bid on. I'm still winning it but perhaps there will be more stuff to sell at the toy show if I win.


I'm just helpin' a brother out. I owed you one for picking up both the Iacon One set and Cyb. Unicron. It was the least I could do to snag the Mirage. If you want him sooner than Labor Day, let me know and I'll mail him down to you.

Just bought me a Cybertron Evac in the local Toys-R-Us... So cool... But, I just wanted to bring this up. The wings are impossible to fold down! I'm scared of breaking it! So they'll stay up. Looks cooler that way anyway...

Also. How much is he in the States, if he's still in the stores? Was £19.99 here... Around $38!

Nala, will you be allowing bids for any of your Attic of Love rejects through the website, or email?



PS, went mad and just bought me a Predaking for £103, $196... Wife'll kill me...

I love Evac!!! He's one of my favorite Cybertron bots and one of my favorite TFs of all time. He was a $20 toy here when he was available. I haven't seen one in months.

I checked mine and his "wings" folded fine. Are they just really tight?

Regarding what is intended for the toy show, let me get a complete list of what's available to go to new homes. Once I come up with the final list with what the prices will be for the show we can talk.

Are there anythings from the 2 photos that you'd be interested in? I'll post final photos sometime this week or so.

Will have a closer look at the pics, and also wait for a full list before I commit myself...

(Hears wife in background, "to the local asylum...")


If you do win that auction, I'd be interested in the Mirage if there are no other takers.

I'm kind of shocked that Evac, probably one of the best molds since JRX/Rail Racer, has no plans to be repainted for the line. I would have liked a Decepticon Evac more than Nemesis Breaker.

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