One day this'll be finished.

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As some of you may know, I've been working on a Transformers "novel" over the past 2 years or so.

Not being a trained or experienced writer has hindered the completion of the first draft but on the whole, I make progress every few months. It is a snail's pace but now that I have my laptop back I've got some major things done on it.

I recently fleshed out a scene that I'm really actually pretty happy with in which Hot Rod, slipping in an out of "mental" coherency, sees Daniel Witwicky in Sara Chase's face and it snaps him momentarily back to some form of sanity. This is when Medea makes her appearance.

Of course, I'm talking about Splintered, my pointless effort in writing a TF novel.

Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime is of course familar to all, but Sara Chase, the other main character, is the descendant of two very important families in G1. Medea? Oh. No point getting into details about her suffice to say that she, and her brethren come from Cybertron's past but play a major role in its future.

Splintered takes place between 2149 CE and 2153 CE and serves as a bridge story between G1 and Beast Wars to some degree, but really is about the redemption of the character of Rodimus Prime.

It ties up a lot of loose threads from the Japanese continuity, and where appropriate blends US and Japanese content into a cohesive whole.

I spent 5 months building up a coherent continuity that not only makes sense but also doesn't deviate from the established animated elements unless it was absolutely necessary. I build a lot on that and it works well for me and I think most people will enjoy it.

The biggest complaints TF cans could probably make of my continuity probably concerns what would have been Season 4 of the US series and the Japanese Headmasters series. I focus more on the Cybertronian aspects and dump the "humans as heads" aspect but Nebulos, are N'blus as it is actually named in the Cybertron vernacular, does indeed play a vital role along with its twin planet M'str. Bye bye Rebirth. But hello some barely tolerable Rebirth elements.

Optimus Prime does "die" and leadership passes on to Fortress Maximus and then over time, to multiple leaders of various planets such as Star Saber on Earth, Dai Atlas on Zone, and others. All this works into the evolution of what would be seen to some degree in the "Convoy Council" of the Japanese Beast Wars shows. Optimus Prime and Ginrai both exist and why Optimur Prime gets a Godmaster form is explained. He eventually takes of the form that is known as Star Convoy.

It all works if you take this or that bit out and strengthen the characters along the way, weeding out the incompatible elements.

I built up this new continuity in the hopes that Splintered, which is essentially the redemption of Rodimus Prime, would have a firm strong foundation to refer back to as well as possibly serve as a springboard for other ideas.

You'll learn why "Till All Are One" is not as good a thing as you'd expect. You'll find out the great secret that Alpha Trion never told Optimus about the Matrix. You'll get wet when you understand why Rodimus was inherently a failure in the eyes of Cybertronians but his role was over minutes after he defeated Unicron.

Oh. Someday it'll be done!

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Sounds, to borrow some young person vernacular, sounds awesome. ^_^

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