Still zero interest.


Now frequent readers to this here blog know that I have absolutely no care in the world about 2007's Transformers movie.

It is just summer big budget schlock and on the whole I don't have much patience for those kinds of films.

They were fine when I was in my teens and even early 20s but my adult sensibilities get extremely bored with films of this kind now.

It'll be short on story, long on things blowing up, and from what I've read follow the old-fashioned "robots through human eyes" schlock that regardless of what Hollywood types say, does not need to really be a part of it.

Anyway, I noticed that a ton of images, both legit and some no doubt leaked and/or fake, have been trickling out of Paramount and Hasbro regarding the movie and toys for the film and I can happily say I probably won't have any more excitement in the future than I do now. Zilch. Even if they are fake then that makes it even sadder.

If I was younger I'd probably be all over this shit but now, at my age, I just don't care. And I think that is probably healthy.

The design æsthetics for both the film's TF art direction and therefore the toy direction basically look like the result of an orgy of Gundam, miscellaneous Macrossish mecha, some of those Marvel rip-off Megamorph things, and Hasbro's unused Transtech line that was supposed to come after Beast Machines but was never done.

It just doesn't appeal to me at all, though the Sikorsky-based Blackout does at least show some promise.

Prime? Not interested it all.

This supposed Starscream? Oh my god so not interested. Why can't they just call him something else if that is indeed the Starscream character? There's nothing there that evokes any previous visual version of the character? Dreadwing would be better. There's no established character there reall.

Scorponok? Been there. Done that. Have it in a few different lines.

The only thing I'm curious here is why on earth would a Decepticon take an animal form if it is mean to "blend in" to the surroundings yet not shrink down?

Anyway, I'm just not seeing anything to get me excited about this film one way or the other.

I suppose that is good.

I've already decided I'll try to get rid of a lot of figures that I already have, try to avoid buying anything new "just because I don't have it", and try to find a more realistic and practical interest than toys.

If this film had the possibility of having toys that I could possibly care about owning I'd be up shit creek.


Can you say dissapointing? i was all for this movie and toys till now. Now i just wanna quit nothing looks like it should,gay ass flames on the semi,starscream, wtf? and yet the message board monkys are happy as clowns.And whats with all the new names for the last few toy lines all the have done is recycle names crumplezone,cyclonus,blackout it go's on and on just use g1 names. and the choice for bots wow what the f@*k it should be
Optimus,bumblebee,ironhide,rachet,jazz,prowl,and swipe & streaker and maybe crazy old wheeljack

Megs, Shockwave,all 3 seekers,soundwave and Devastator for good measure

maybe not jazz because i just cant picture him without Scatman Coruthers voice

I am extremely happy that Shockwave, being my all-time favorite TF, is absent in any shape or form from this film.

However, the "bot style" with the thin metal strips and such that is used for the Blackout bot could be used to redesign Shockwave.

Not reinvent him from the ground up which they seem to feel they need to do here.

Now that I've seen some of these leaked images I don't see it as remotely important that they cast old voice actors in this.

It would have been a lot better if they'd just sold this as a "Transformers Movie" and never ever hinted anything G1-related to it.

G1 has too many concrete expectations that have to be adhered to to some degree for it to be G1.

Oh man, it's so true. The sad thing is that Shockwave is probably the ONLY guy that the new aesthetic wouldn't have looked out of place on. (I'm thinking of Energon Shockblast-style here.)

I think everyone had reason to have their doubts; but we all tried to say to ourselves "Let's not be negative, we haven't seen anything to the contrary yet."

Well, we have now - the ILM guys might be able to produce a great-looking lightsaber fight, but this is an entirely different beast - and it just feels like they are too busy wanking over *how* intricate they can make the transformations without asking themselves, for one moment, if they *should*.

I think I also began to worry when they said this movie would contain all of the action of Michael Bay's previous movies rolled up into one; I find it very hard not to imagine Will Smith punching out Ewan McGregor in midair as they plummet towards Pearl Harbor. :/

What about the classics line? I've passed on a LOT of Armada, Energon, and Cybertron but the Classics line is totally going to break me.

Well except for NERF Megatron. There's that superior looking Tank Megatron in the two pack with Prime that looks so much better. It's too bad the better prime is the single version.

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