And then I felt dirty inside.


I need to wash my eyes out with bleach now.

I never ever knew that existed.

If you can't get the pain out of your head...

Try some high quality Cybermen from Tomb of the Cybermen.

If that doesn't do it...

The Emperor Dalek will.


Oh... em... gees!

Kudos to Stan Bush and all, but that thing practically gave away the entire movie... although it was kind of funny watching Unicron reach out for him. ^_^

But still; if that's the sort of thing that constituted promo material (and bearing in mind that the damn thing is pretty much a bloodbath to begin with) then I'm beginning to think it bombed because parents *refused* to take their kids to see it.


The Doctor: "You fools! Saran wrap is an inappropriate building material for imprisonment purposes!"

Ohhhhhhh, I have Tomb of the Cybermen on DVD! Droool!


Mark: Tomb of the Cybermen is one of my all time favorite episodes!

I'm shocked that the whole thing is all over YouTube.

Best moment ever: Victoria still shocked from everything that has happened to her, and upset that she's wearing a long dress and such, complains to the Doctor who immediately points to Jaime's kilt and says how it is "OK since Jaime's in a dress too".

I love the way Jaime immediately looks back at the Doctor!

The Second Doctor and Jaime had such great on-screen chemistry.

that was shown with the movie when aired on tv back when. every time it cut to commercial you'd see that enviable little bastard get picked up by prime and for some reason they thought the music video was so good it had to be aired as well.

i actually didn't even remember this until i watched it here, but the first time i ever saw the flick was a vhs copy my older brother recorded when it first came on tv. god only knows why he felt it necessary to keep the music video

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