Bwahahahahahha! Insanity. I gar-un-tee!


Evebird, defender of the faith, and overall Number 1 fan of Better-Than-Mediocre Chinese food, passed along today what has to be the definite Auction of the Day.

AFA Transformers LEOBREAKER Nemisis Super Claw.

This toy is less than a year old and the guy spent at least $50 to have it AFA graded and according to Evebird, $25 to have it listed as a featured auction. So that's $75 in the hole for a $20 retail figure.

I love how the seller decided to make the feedback comments "private" too. Insane bad craziness.

And the typos in the auction description rock too.

"Garunteed long term high resale investment."

Then again, this one is at $46.61.

Insane bad craziness for a figure that's pretty much an unarticulated brick.

And FYI... toys are not "investments". If you believe that then you really have problems that you need help on.


Wow. I almost want to bid on that just to see if I can get it for far less than the guy paid to have it graded. Almost...

Well, if you count "maybe some other sucker will pay twice what I paid last year for this" as an investment. . . but you'd have to clear at least a hundred of them to count as any kind of solid real-people (not crazy nerd) investment.

And the free minicons are totally worth $26 over initial retail.

I just chuckle because I know there were extra of those sitting on the clearance end cap at Target until they went down to $4.24.

Can't spell and retarded wow! at the Target up here they have a ton of mudflaps and leobreakers in the clearance ends for 9.88

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