What's the difference? It is all lame geeking.


Ok. What's the difference between 1973 years of people arguing about shit like christology and 21 years of people arguing if Frenzy is actually red or if Rumble is actually blue.

I'm just not seeing it.

Oh. And yes. Frenzy is red and Rumble is blue. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise!


No one ever died because of RIRFIB/RIBFIR.

(See the Albigensians and the Huguenots.)

But for the record, I agree with you. Rumble is the little blue guy who gets pissy if you call his boss uncrasimatic.

If I could remember which was which I'm pretty sure I usually go with the way it was on the show.

On the show, Rumble was blue and Frenzy was red. Frenzy never did anything. Ever.

The toys are reversed but I tend to follow the animation since that's where Rumble really got his character from.

Well, (pointless geeking ahead)

In the Marvel comics (which some regard as more canonical than the show, because it was marginally better written) Frenzy was blue, but acted pretty much like Rumble anyway. I discount the comics even though I like the way some of the characters were presented better, because Beast Wars/Machines (which to me is the best thing that TF fiction has to offer) follows from the G1 cartoon, not the comics.

I don't think I've ever known you to go into pointless geeking. :-)

I discount the Marvel comics on account that I cannot read more than 3 pages without getting bored. And don't get me started on the art.

The only thing good to come out of the comics is Shockwave the way he should have been done in the cartoon.

What, you didn't like that their heads looked all melty? Or Hoist rocking out with Bruce Sprinstern?

I didn't mind the G1 ones, but I really didn't dig G2, mostly because they meaninglessly killed Fort Max, Hot Spot, Spike and Smokescreen.

Yeah. Killing Hot Spot the way they did was stupid.

Killing Hot Spot = Killing Defensor too. And Defensor is one of my favorite combiners.

let's not forget how furman built up the character of bludgeon only to kill. plus i heard that in his unofficial continuation, he axes off grimlock.

That's kind of surprising, considering how Furman loves Grimlock so much he stuck him into Beast Wars without reason.

I guess the Bludgeon stuff was just to reassert Megatron's status as King Shit of Fuck Mountain (which remains one of my favorite colloquialisms) but by the time he killed him and tried to explain why he would ever revive Starscream (who was trying to kill him every 15 seconds) I just didn't care.

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