Reissue Soundwave with Ravage and Laserbeak (Exclusive)


Reissue Soundwave with Ravage and Laserbeak

On retrospect, I feel really bad about buying both this figure set, and the Alternators.

Basically, I just contributed to "online retailers" basically descending on mass market toy chains, buying up all the exclusive figures to those chains, and then reselling them with a significant markup.

I thought it wouldn't bother me when I bought these but now it is.

Guilt over toys. That's the story of my frigg'n life.

Reissue Soundwave, Ravage, and Laserbeak are the 1854th to 1856th Transformers that I've acquired.


You say "Exclusive."

What kind? I could Google, but I'd rather lazyweb. I loved Soundwave.

I think this was a Toys R Us exclusive ...

Yeah Kevin... it is just a Toys R Us Exclusive. You can't buy it any other place.

However, with that said, I was totally stupid and bought this from an online retailer who basically raided the We Be Toys for all they had, then marked the damn thing up.

I feel bad that I bought it because I contributed to paying for one of the behaviours I hate most!

I would say "WWJD", but I like to think even the model of compassion himself would probably be stamping scalpers in the nuts if given half the chance.

Don't feel bad. Supply and demand. You were willing to pay their mark-up price, maybe others will be, maybe they won't. Hey, if they sell all of their stock at the higher price, more power to them. I for one hope they don't sell them all and have to lower their prices down and lose money on the deal to sort of discourage the practice, but that probably won't happen.

I just wish TRU would go ahead and mark up the prices on their own and eliminate the middle man so we don't have to pay exhorbitant shipping rates on top of it. It'd be nice to be able to walk into a brick and mortar store and come out with a decent exclusive every once in a while.

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